Tee Support Review

Most computer users require some sort of technical support every now and then, and Tee Support is a service that aims to offer it at an affordable price. Let’s face it, not all of us are computer geeks and in today’s world, we are spending an ever-increasing time on computers every single day. While some of us might be lucky to have a geek around all the time to help us with our tech issues, not all of us enjoy the privilege. Tee Support is an online service with the objective to help users with everything on their computer, 24 hours a day.

People spend a lot of time and money on taking their computer to a diagnostics and repair shop. It requires them to unplug their computer from all its peripherals and physically take it over to professionals. Once there, they often need to wait in a queue or even leave their computer there. Furthermore, they stand the risk of their equipment getting mishandled. And all of this costs a significant amount of money. Such tech support costs hundreds of dollars and there is no compensation for any mishandling of the equipment. There are delays and travel inconvenience. Tee Support eliminates all of these problems.

With Tee Support, you register online for their support services and are offered unlimited assistance with all your technical problems 24 hours a day for $99.95 per year, which is just $0.27 per day with a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. If you choose to go for per-incident support, it costs just $39.95 per incident. Either way, there are no hidden or setup fees.

The service covers computer problems including but not limited to virus, spyware, adware, rootkit, trojan and other malware removal, program installaiton and uninstallation, total PC care, device driver installlation, system updates, email setup, media conversion, PC optimization in case of slowdowns, removal of PC errors and data backup and recovery, using 1-on-1 expert help, with free setup and training.

Tee Support software works by offering users technical support through online chat and remote access. With the former method, the user is guided through the process of fixing the problem step by step. One drawback of this is in the form of the limitations a user might face due to the lack of physical presence of the expert, as some users have trouble understanding and following instructions by chat. This is eliminated in case of remote assistance, in which case the tech expert remotely controls the user’s computer to take care of the problem.

With the rise in our interaction with technology, our tech support needs are growing and with Tee Support, we can rest assured that whenever such a problem arises, a professional is just a few clicks away.

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